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Dr. Ahmad Moukalled

One of the most sought-after doctors and the #1 Butt filler Injector in the GCC.

Dr. Ahmad Moukalled is one of those rare doctors, medical professionals, and aesthetic experts in the medical domain who has made sure to always thrive on modern-day approaches in aesthetics while also sticking to his core values in the industry, including but not limited to honesty, transparency, and compassion.

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Dr. Ahmad Moukalled is known as the #1 Butt Filler Injector Across the GCC. He graduated from the American University of Beirut and went on to become a certified professional in the medical aesthetics industry. Dr. Ahmad Moukalled has also attained certification by The American Board of Aesthetic Medicine, California, and among an exhaustive list of achievements and accolades, he also serves as the well-regarded Diplomat of the American Board of Aesthetic Medicine. Instead of resting on his laurels in the aesthetics world, he has always ensured to cross boundaries and innovate as a passionate professional, certified surgeon, and compassionate doctor who is aimed at providing the best treatments and procedures that offer safety and desired results.



Yes! More than a thousand cases have been happily shaped!

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The health, safety and wellbeing of our patients are our top priority.

Giving years to the aesthetics world, Dr. Ahmad Moukalled has shown his excellence in every aspect of the medical aesthetics realm, making him one of the top brand ambassadors for world-renowned brands in the industry like IBSA, Fillmed and BioScience, under which comes HYAcorp. Also, most importantly, Dr. Ahmad Moukalled’s exclusive technique and combination of full-face fillers and thread lifts, which serves as his own special full-face fillers technique, has garnered him recognition across the GCC and many other parts of the world. He has a rising presence in Dubai, Beirut, and Egypt and will soon spread his wings in Saudi Arabia and Qatar as well.

Spread across 13 broad categories, Dr. Ahmad Moukalled’s robust and result-oriented treatments have earned him increasing prominence in the industry.

Philosophy and Motto

Dr. Ahmad Moukalled believes in giving his best for all his treatments and surgeries, focusing on patient care and recovery. His philosophy is to spread smiles and help patients regain their confidence with his procedures, and his motto is to create more awareness around his safe aesthetic treatments and techniques that can help patients gain real results.


Dr. Ahmad Moukalled is driven by three main visions of his

  • To help patients regain their confidence in terms of aesthetics.
  • Supporting and encouraging them to trust these safe procedures.
  • Providing the world’s best practices and treatments not found anywhere else.


  • To reach the highest realms of excellence in the medical aesthetics industry.
  • Raise the bar for other emerging doctors in the industry.
  • Consistently improve and enhance procedures and treatments to keep up with the industry’s trends while providing the highest standards of practice.

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