Hand Rejuvenation

Fillers + Profhilo Body

They are injected in the hands to stimulate collagen and rejuvenate them.

Giving years to the aesthetics world, Dr. Ahmad Moukalled has shown his excellence in every aspect of the medical aesthetics realm, making him one of the top brand ambassadors for world-renowned brands in the industry like IBSA, Fillmed and BioScience, under which comes HYAcorp. Also, most importantly, Dr. Ahmad Moukalled’s exclusive technique and combination of full-face fillers and thread lifts, which serves as his own special full face fillers technique, has garnered him recognition across the GCC and many other parts of the world. He has a rising presence in Dubai, Beirut, and Egypt and will soon spread his wings in Saudi Arabia and Qatar as well.

Spread across 13 broad categories, Dr. Ahmad Moukalled’s robust and result-oriented treatments have earned him increasing prominence in the industry.

How Hand Rejuvenation Helps

  • Non-surgical treatment using fillers.
  • Boosts and hydrates the skin.
  • Leaves no scars.

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